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PETER'S HAYSTACK MAZE: Find Out Why You Have to Play Tag with Your Friend Peter (and Survive)

Peter's Haystack Maze is a short indie first-person survival horror game that was produced by JayskiBean and published on May 30th of this year on the platform. The game's premise is quite simple: you've been invited by your friend Peter the Pumpkin to play tag in a labyrinthine field on a farm, but what was supposed to be a simple game turns out to be a fight for survival, as you discover that your friend is not that friendly and that the maze can be extremely dangerous and deadly for you.

The game was produced as a fangame inspired by Andy's Apple Farm, a game produced by M36games and played by the people here on the channel. The aesthetic is similar, of a children's show look. In terms of graphics, the game takes inspiration from PS1 games, with low-poly aliasing and low-res textures. The gameplay is quite simple, consisting only of moving around the maze until you reach your goal, either catching Peter or running away from him while collecting some pumpkin tokens. In terms of plot, it would be interesting to see something much more elaborate or even a collab with the creator of Andy's Apple Farm, in a kind of shared universe (since it has been a trend in recent times), for now the game is fun and does its role well.

Check out Peter's Haystack Maze gameplay on our channel. If interested, download Peter's Haystack Maze game from the page. The respective links can be accessed below.

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