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PETT THE PUPP: Find Puppies in the Middle of a Weird Party with Weird People in this Cute Game

Pett the Pupp (aka Pet the Pup at the Party) is a short indie first person exploration game in the good arcade style of being, created by ailtem and published on November 7th of this year, on the indie gaming platform itch. yo. In Pett The Pupp, you find yourself in the middle of a party, with people you don't even know, but who decided to go after hearing rumors of a "very good puppo" being present and hiding somewhere in that house. It's up to you to find him among so many people.

In fact, the story here serves more as a justification for the good ol' "find something within a time frame that runs out every second. If you do, you go to the next stage. Otherwise, game over". Nothing more or less than that. In terms of graphics, Pett the Pupp is pretty cute. It simulates the visual aspect of games like Doom and Hexen, but with a very cute approach, since here you have to look for the pups. The characters you encounter are visually funny. As for gameplay, it's pretty simple. If you've ever played an indie game on, you'll be able to play this one without any problems.

Check out the gameplay and download the game by clicking on the links below.



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