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PICO SONIC: A Impressive Sonic 3 Demake made with The '80s Virtual Console Limitations.

Pico Sonic is a fangame produced by komehara and published on January 12th this year on the "" platform. This is a Sonic 3 demake, from Sega Genesis (Mega Drive on Japan), produced on PICO-8, a kind of "virtual console" that is used to produce games that simulate the hardware of the '80s and its limitations. Your objective here is to collect all emeralds on the Stage.

The game itself needs no comment: it's Sonic 3 for an 80's console if you put it that way. The graphics are pixelated, colorful, and very impressive. The soundtrack is the same as the original, but in a style that suits the idea of ​​the project. The gameplay was based on that of the first Sonic game, where there is no spin dash, just the movement, the jump, and the speed increase when pressing down during the loopings.

The game is in development at the moment and has only one Stage Act, but in itself, it is already impressive what they can do with these limitations. You can check the gameplay by clicking here. If you are interested in playing, you can download it by clicking on the link below:

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