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Play the Classic Mega Man in a way NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Mega Man: Perfect Blue Demo finally has been shown on this year's SAGE (Sonic Amateur Games Expo). It's a very awaited fangame by this guy here and, now that I had played the demo some hours ago, I will show my first impressions about. Firstly, the graphics and visuals are very beautiful, very different from any blue bomber fangame. My compliments to the creators, they have accomplished your proposal very well.

In gameplay terms, the difference is more perceived when we play with Roll. She presents a gameplay style almost Zero-like, using a broom rather than a Sword. The stage music is the same as used in a past trailer and is very good by the way. I've perceived that music will follow the gameplay to the boss battle, showing some variation during battle. It worths playing this demo. There´s so much potential in this game and I hope that they may release the full version very soon.

The demo can be found on the SAGE 2020 link here:


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