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PLEASE DUOLOGY: Witness the Events of a Strange War in Two Timelines in this Simulation Game

Please Duology is a compilation of two indie simulation games with touches of cosmic horror that was produced by Somewhat Software and published on October 25th of this year, on the Steam platform. The compilation covers the games Please (2019) and Please Follow (2020). Please takes place on an alternate timeline where we win the war against a strange enemy. Here you control a repair professional. Its job is to keep the power station running at all times. On the other hand, Please Follow, its sequel, takes place in the original timeline, and you control a soldier surviving in the same war, except that we're losing. As you enter a tunnel dug by enemies, you will encounter a presence that will open your mind to worlds and things you would rather not have seen.

In technical terms, both games feature a nostalgic look, completely inspired by the PS1 era, as well as a psychedelic style that is part of the plot idea. The gameplay is simple and doesn't require a lot of training: your role is only simulative (you only interact with objects). The plot is completely out of linearity: all information about the events in Please and Please Follow are found in files that can be collected and accessed from the main menu.

For those who like games a little different, with that touch of psychedelia and bizarre, Please Duology is a great choice. Check out the gameplay of both games by clicking on the links below. If you are interested, the link to buy on Steam (until the day I wrote this text, the game is on sale) is also found below.


  1. EPISODE 1 - PLEASE: https://youtu.be/2uxx2-Ib2cE

  2. EPISODE 2 - PLEASE FOLLOW: https://youtu.be/Kd6q0Rpl5m4

BUY THE GAME HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1737620/Please_Duology/

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