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POCKET QUEST!: A Prince in Distress, an Heroine to the Rescue in a Game where RPG meets Board Games

Pocket Quest! is an indie game that mixes RPG with Board Games and was produced by Testament and which was published on March 8th of this year (although the release date indicates December 7th, 2016) on the platform. In Pocket Quest!, you control the warrior Nono, on her typical heroine journey: one day, when she arrives in a certain kingdom, she discovers that the prince there has been kidnapped, and that heroes from every corner have been called to this mission. . Whoever managed to rescue the prince would have a great reward. Nono, who is thirsty for wealth, embarks on the adventure, along with Uzumaki, a giant snail she meets on the way. It will be a journey full of dangers, as in addition to enemies that Nono will encounter along the way, he will have to deal with one of the emissaries of the mind behind the kidnapping, a Succubus that will certainly cause him problems.

The game itself has a similar feel to board games, and also similar games like Mario Party: you have four boards, each with 64 squares. You walk around the squares according to the value determined by the die you roll. The outcome of each move can range from money and sleeping inn to even traps and enemies. And it is in the latter that we can see the RPG aspect: when you encounter an enemy, you have a turn-based battle, where your turn is indicated by a running bar located at the top of the screen. Also, you can equip and use items that can help you jump squares or even level up. The main objective here is to acquire enough experience to be able to enter the boss's lair, so it will be common to repeat the entire board until you arrive with the necessary experience.

The soundtrack is very good, but not at all original: it is nothing more than a compilation of several songs from other games, such as Xenogears and Chrono Cross, for example. Other than that, the game is very interesting and worth checking out if you are a board game fan. Pocket Quest gameplay! can be checked at the link below, as well as the download of the game.


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