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POLICE SHOOTOUT: Solve Cases and Use Different Approaches to Take Down Criminals in this Action Game

Police Shootout is a first-person action game, with RPG elements and visual novel that is being produced by Games Incubator and that is still in the development stage, having only a single demo that was published on June 25th, 2021, at Steam platform. In Police Shootout, you control Scott Price, a rookie who started his job as a police officer in the small town of San Andrino. Your objective is to solve the most diverse calls, ranging from a store robbery to even a situation involving hostages, it doesn't matter, you have to be prepared for everything.

The game is very interesting because, in addition to the very well done graphics, the main focus is on its gameplay: Police Shootout features several gameplay mechanics that help the player to create their own approaches in different situations. You can subdue the criminals through stealth or using decoys to attract their attention, or you can go head-to-head, taking it into a turn-based fight, very much inspired by RPGs. In addition, there are times when you will interrogate your prisoner, and the way you obtain the information and use it in the interrogation will be crucial to intellectually disarming the criminal and thus securing his arrest.

Undoubtedly, Police Shootout has several gameplay elements that are very interesting, increasing the replay factor and preventing the game from being boring. It presents enormous potential that should not be wasted. Check out Police Shootout's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game's demo, just click on the respective links below.


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