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POOM: A Impressive Doom Fangame made on a System That Emulates 80s' Hardware Limitations.

Poom is an indie action and FPS fangame which simulates, obviously, Doom. The game was created by freds72 and Paranoid Cactus, and released on December 6th of this year. The game's plot is the same as the original game: you are a marine who, being sent to a space base on planet Mars, discovers that an experiment made in the base's labs has created a portal to Hell and, in a short time, demons have occupied the base, causing a horrendous carnage. It's up to you by neutralizing all the area and avoid demonic forces from leaving out the planet.

The most interesting thing about this game is it was produced in software called PICO-8, which simulates a retro console where you develop games having, as a base, hardware limitations from 80s consoles. The gameplay style is very typical: you aim, choose the gun and interact by using the mouse, while the "ESDF" keys control our dear Doomguy. Graphics, obviously, depicts an eighteenth console look, but in Poom, this is even not perceptible, it's like we're playing the original game itself but in minor dimensions.

The soundtrack is the very same as the original, but more in a chiptune style, and it's keeping being awesome although we have only 3 pieces of music in this game. Maybe the only one negative point I had with Poom is the ending of the game, which is stuck after defeating the last boss, which makes the player to the main screen after pressing on a key.

The developers of Poom have made an excellent work by recreating a game in a virtual console which, although short and made under the due technical limitations from the 80s, it's good e enjoying in the same way as the original. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download this game on the link below.

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