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POOP KILLER: Run a VHS Tape Store and Avoid at All Costs a Murderer Punishes Those Who Dirty Toilets

Poop Killer is a short indie first-person action-adventure horror game with dark comedy touches that was produced by 616GAMES and published on May 26th this year on the platform. Poop Killer is inspired by the trash movies of the 80s and in the game you are John, a guy who works in a VHS tape store on a night shift. But your ordinary life will be turned upside down, from the moment you and your store are in the sights of the notorious Poop Killer, a ruthless killer... who kills everyone who uses the bathroom and doesn't flush, leaving him all dirty.

The game itself, like the other works produced by 616GAMES, features a low poly and low resolution look in the best PS1 style, in addition to being inspired by the trash movies of the 80s, and even presents the option to choose which graphic style suits you best. to you (VHS, PS1, PS2, etc.) As for its gameplay, Poop Killer presents a simulation behavior, where you just move and interact with clients and objects.

You can check out the Poop Killer gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download the Poop Killer game (while it's still free) on the page. Just click on the respective links below.

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