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POOPY PARKER: Defeat Bad Guys with your Web-poop and Save the Girl in This Bizarre Spider-Man Parody

The Amazing Poopy Parker is a short (and bizarre) indie action game being developed by The Junt, along with Jaybooty and Call Of The Void, and which parody (in a lousy way) the adventures of Amazing Spider-Man. In the game you control none other than Peter Parker (yes, himself), and anyone who knows the story well knows that he gains his powers being bitten by a radioactive spider. The difference here is that instead of launching webs through his arms, Poopy Parker, as he is called, launches web-poop through his butt, like a real spider. Your objective is to defeat the bad guys who stole all the toilet paper in the city and also save their great love.

The game was produced in 72 hours for this year's Ludum Dare. There's not a lot to do in terms of gameplay. All action takes place using the mouse and the Spacebar key. The mouse takes care of almost all of Parker's movements, such as launching the web-poop, retract, pinch off using the two mouse buttons and grabbing the wall using the Spacebar. The WASD keys are only responsible for Parker's balance, which will serve as a boost to use the web-poop. The challenge is a little bigger here and, as the game is still in the development stage, it seems to me that certainly the intention of the developers will be to create a very challenging game.

The graphics part is very simple, with stylized graphics, reminiscent of cel-shading. There's not much to say about a game that's still in development, but there are some things that could be added, like cutscenes, to give you an idea of ​​the plot, and even some new powers. The game, despite the comedy, has a certain measure of challenge and has a certain potential. It only remains to know how it will be going forward, whether there will be improvements or not.

Check out the gameplay from The Amazing Poopy Parker demo by clicking this link here and if you are interested you can download the game from the page below.


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