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PRIM: Help Death's Daughter Escape from Her Father in this Dark Humor Adventure Game

Prim is an indie adventure and point-and-click game produced by Common Colors and, on February 2nd of that year, the game had its prototype version published on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you control Prim, a girl who lives in the land of the dead and who every night dreams of a human boy screaming for his help. She wants to go to the world of the living and help him, but she has only one small problem: she is the daughter of none other than Thanatos, the Angel of Death, and fearing that she can cause problems there, harshly forbids her, by locking her up in her room. But she manages to find a way to escape from home and travel to Earth, to her father's utter despair.

As stated above, this is an adventure and point-and-click game. You use the mouse and some keys to guide Prim and interact with the objects and characters present in the scene. The graphic part is excellent, since it has a lot of influence from the works of Tim Burton, more precisely the film "The Nightmare Before Christmas", with its deformed scenes and strange characters, but at the same time charismatic. The soundtrack does not disappoint and provides us with a good immersion in history.

Although we only played the prototype, Prim has a huge whim in his production, from his art to dubbing, very good by the way. The game is expected to be only 6-8 hours long, which is even common for many games of the genre. Prim is currently in the crowdfunding phase, via Kickstarter and is scheduled to be launched in full in 2022.

You can check the prototype's gameplay (with a nice message at the end) by clicking this link here. If you want to try it, you can download the prototype here at the link below:

If you liked the game and want to contribute, just click on the Kickstarter link below:

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