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PROJECT NEARCRY: Investigate an Island taken over by Zombies in this FPS Game

Project Nearcry is a short first-person shooter action game that was produced by Jungaboon and published on November 24th of this year, on the indie gaming platform In Project Nearcry, you are a soldier who enters a city devastated by a local plague, which has turned people into zombies. In addition to finding a way to escape from that place, you must face other remaining soldiers, who will spare no effort to kill you and cover up everything that happened in that place.

According to Jungaboon, the game was made in 3 days using Gameguru, and still says the game "shouldn't be taken seriously". But I believe it should because the game is very interesting and fun. Graphically speaking, Project Nearcry is well done, of course there are some things here and there that would need a better polish, but it's still well done for a 3 day project. Gameplay is typical of many FPS games. Perhaps the only glitches I could cite here would be the length of the game (it's short) and a lack of a little more menu effort (you have an untitled menu or any other information about the game). It would be interesting Jungaboon to invest more in this game, as it has good potential.

Check out Project Nearcry's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.


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