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Updated: Apr 24

Project Selene is a third-person horror game developed by Farelas where you play as Selene, a woman who has been kidnapped and now needs to find a way out at any cost. However, when looking for a way to escape, he discovers dark secrets about the place.

The game is still a prototype with several problems that need to be solved, but it is possible to see potential, mainly in the 3d models of the characters. Selene, the protagonist, has an incredible beauty, and many facial movements that are emphasized in the main menu.


Selene, now called Selene: Unbearable Night, received an update with changes and more content that explore the game's plot more, changing some puzzles, inserting new weapons and game modes such as stealth - which is very reminiscent of games like Tomb Raider - in addition to a boss fight and a little plot twist. However, not all of the additions were good, like the generic voices of the characters that have different qualities and volumes.

Check out the Project Selene gameplay

Check out the Selene: Unbearable Night gameplay

Download Project Selene Horror Game


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