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PS5 SIMULATOR: a first-person game where you Unbox and install your Next-Generation Console

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

PS5 Simulator is a simulation indie game like many other simulation games which we have seen in the last years. Here in this game you acquire a PlayStation 5, and pass through to all a funny process, from unboxing the console out of the box to the installation to, finally, enjoy the next generation ultimate experience. As typical from every simulator, the game has só much simplicity on gameplay: you move by using the “WASD” keys, interact by using the mouse, and uses the “Q” and “E” keys to rotate objects. The game visuals are so well made, with very beautiful and realistic graphics and, according to the game developer, Alex Grade, the game doesn't use RTX, light, and shadows new tech that can be seen in some other games. The game, which has a duration of 15-20 minutes, can be acquired by clicking on the link below. Take a chance to check out the gameplay by clicking right here.

Plus: See an article on with our video showing the PS5 Simulator gameplay here.

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