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PSYCHO WALUIGI - Download Game

Updated: May 10, 2023

Psyco Waluigi is a Mario fangame developed by Thunder Dragon where you play as Waluigi in search of conquering all the kingdoms using his psychic powers that transform a common Mario Bros style game into a mixture with elements of Yoshi's Island and Kirby.

The game has multiple worlds available with multiple realms that need to be taken over through Waluigi's psychic force. For that, a purple cloud will walk with you and allow you to use your enemies as projectiles or even using your powers to attack other enemies or open passages.

The game encourages exploration which will usually earn you points towards buying powerups that improve your attributes like double jumps, the ability to glide in the air and even increase your health.

The game also has a variety of gameplay, use of vehicles and boss battles that are very reminiscent of games like Megaman at times, making Psycho Waluigi an incredible experience for fans of several Nintendo franchises.


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