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PUMPKIN EATER: A son dies but his mother takes care of him as if he were alive in this horror game.

Pumpkin Eater is an indie horror visual novel game developed by thugzilla and awiola where you follow the story of a family who, after a cruel accident, has their son dead. However, the mother does not accept the death and starts to create a parallel world where the child's accident did not kill him and was solved only by replacing the head with a pumpkin. Now the father and daughter, even knowing the reality, respect the will of the mother who treats the child as if he were alive and starts to experience conflicts.

The game features as a highlight the plot that holds the player from start to finish showing the madness of the mother unable to accept that her son is dead and that she denies everything her husband and daughter say, bringing crises in her own marriage and in the relationship with her daughter .

The art of this indie visual novel, handmade and painted in watercolors, recalls the daughter's vision but, at the same time, creates an atmosphere of horror along with the plot and also serves to diminish the son's appearance over time.


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