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Punch, Kick, and Destroy Everything as a Robot to protect a Hikikomori Guy.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Pull Stay is a bizarre but very fun game. It's a beat'n up that has your demo published on this year's Tokyo Game Show. Here, you are a robot on a mission to protect your buddy Susumu, a typical Hikikomori (an introspective guy that avoids every social contact and locks himself on your house), from everyone that appears to pull him out from your room.

The game is a reflection of your own creator, Nito Souji, that is also a Hikikomori and presents a good beat'n up with a few elements of the tower defense genre, as you can unlock new combat abilities and obtain materials to build traps or improve your house through the game. The materials you can obtain by bringing terror on your neighbors, destroying their houses. The game is planned to release in 2022.

The demo is available and you can download here:


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