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PUPPETMAKER: Escape Your Kidnapper as Quietly as Possible in this Survival Horror Game

Puppetmaker is a short indie first-person survival horror game being produced by Pulse Studios and still in the development stage. However, a beta version of the game is available on the platform, and it was published on April 11th of this year. In Puppetmaker, you wake up in a strange house, only to discover that you're trapped in it with an old mysterious Puppet Maker. You soon discover that he is blind, but with very accurate hearing. Your goal here is to find a way to open the garage door and get out of the house, all as quietly as possible.

In terms of graphics, Puppetmaker took inspiration from PSX games, which gives it a very interesting retro feel, as well as an incredible horror atmosphere. But the gameplay is what stands out the most. Since any noise can draw the Puppet Maker's attention, you'll have to act stealthily, from holding your breath using the Spacebar when he's nearby (there are indicators that show his proximity) to using items such as milk and cans, to create distractions, making the Puppet Maker go straight to the place where the sound was made and thus creating exits to complete the puzzle, which until now consists of just turning on mechanisms to open the garage door.

It remains only to wait to know what may appear in the next updates. In the meantime, check out Puppetmaker's gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested in playing it, you just need to download the game from the page. Just click on the respective links below.


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