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PUSH-UP HIGH: A First-Person Platformer Where You Are a TV Headed Who Must Get To The Top

Push-Up High is an indie first-person 3D platform game being developed by Udda Games and recently had a demo published on May 11th of this year on the platform. Push-Up High takes strong inspiration from games like Getting Over It with Benneth Foddy and Human: Fall Flat and consists of a single simple premise: get to the top... or die of rage trying.

In the same way as in the games mentioned above, Push-Up High has a gameplay completely focused on physics: using only the Mouse, you must move the character, making him use his arms to jump short distances and, as you may already have perceived, it is obvious that the game's challenges are related to this gameplay. In certain situations you will come across some places that require an observation and "study" millimetrically calculated, and the right mouse button helps a lot in this, since when clicking, the first person perspective changes to the third person, allowing you to see the area where you are so you can see how to proceed carefully. As for graphics, the game has a look that apparently has inspirations from PSX games, as it features low resolution textures and a use of low-poly objects, although this is something to a small extent and apparently imperceptible.

Undoubtedly, Push-Up High is a game for those who want a good challenge and anger at every defeat, because as the old saying goes: "the higher the height, the greater the fall", and that makes perfect sense here. Check out the Push-Up High gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download the demo from the page. The respective links are below.



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