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PYRAMAZE: Rescue your Professor with Your Powers in this Adventure Game

PyraMaze is a third-person indie adventure game created by AsFunAsFun and released on December 31 of this year on the page. Here, you are a boy who has joined an exploration team. The next day, you wake up and find yourself alone in the mountain camp, your team has left and your teacher is missing. Walking up some stairs, you find Warp, a multidimensional being. It is up to you, with his help, to find your teacher and unravel the mysteries of "Impossible People".

In terms of graphics, the game has a style similar to retro games, more precisely to the style of PS1 games. The gameplay is simple: you walk, run, jump, and use the mouse as a camera, in addition to using different skills, which you acquire when entering the challenges proposed by Warp.

Until this moment, the game is in the development stage. The developer stated that previously, the game was built for a Jam held in October, but he ended up deciding to work harder on the game, promising to improve the story and gameplay. The game is promising and can be much better if it is well worked. Check out the gameplay by clicking here and download the game from the link:

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