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PYROLYZIS: A Horror Game Who Plays With Your Mind While Odd Things Happens in Your Room

Pyrolyzis is an indie game of simulation and psychological horror created by JN Squared and published on January 16th this year. It is the sequel to the game Paralyzis and, while in the latter the topics covered were sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming, in Pyrolyzis there is an approach more focused on the tricks of the mind and apparent schizophrenia, in addition to situations involving fire and a serial killer.

The game has a very simple visual in terms of graphics, as well as gameplay. The interesting thing here is the interactions that take place in the same room, a place where everything changes from the moment you walk through the door. The plot, although not defined, is counted in fragments, allowing the player to know who that man was, and what he did.

Once again JN Squared provides us with a good game that competently explores psychological horror. It is worth taking the time to play if you are looking for a different game. You can check the gameplay by clicking here. If you are interested in playing, you can download the game by clicking on the link below:

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