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RADIOACTIVE TROVE: Retrieve a Dangerous Cargo Trapped Inside of a Sunken Research Vessel

Radioactive Trove is a short sidescroller indie action game that was produced by Valkoy and published on December 22 this year, on the platform. In Radioactive Trove you are a kind of worker who, armed with a specialized hammer, was sent on a mission: retrieve a dangerous cargo trapped inside a sunken research vessel.

The game was produced for the DreadXP Dredge the Depths Jam, under the theme of underwater horror. Graphically, the game has a pixelated look with shades of black, green and white, which combined very well with the unknown and sinister atmosphere. The gameplay is very simple, where you only need the A and D keys to move and J and K to attack and use Dash.

Check out the gameplay of Radioactive Trove and, if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.


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