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Raging Oppressed Dogs against the Feline Tyranny.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Undercat is an indie game that had your demo published at this year's Indie Cup Celebration. The story passes on a world where cats have taken control of all and created a new society, where the dogs that want to live there become submitted to the system, and whose that rejects this control are expelled from this city and live in slums. Between the oppressed, we have Chips, a dog that joins a rebel group that seeks to destroy this feline tyranny and takes back your city.

The game brings action and platform on the right measure. Here you can use the "scent sense" to find secret items and locations, as well as use boxes and scenario parts to hide from cats. You also can hold a shake these elements in a good "Wario Land style" to get coins, health, and items. In terms of Graphics, the visual is pixeled, with incredible scenarios and character sprites. The soundtrack has a synthetic feel with a pinch of chiptune sound, which combines very well with the game. Some promises that this game is offering are a 2-player Co-Op and a PvP battle mode.

The game, produced and released by SparkyTailGames, is actually on demo version and have your release planned to 2021. You can download and check out this game right here:

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