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REAPERS, INC.: Use all your Creativity to Collect People's Souls in this Platform Game

Reapers, INC. is a short third-person sandbox platform game that was produced by XiangkaiSong (in collaboration with Arunachalam Ayyappan, Gurankas Singh and others) and published on September 20th of this year, with an update made on December 17th on the platform. In Reapers, INC., you control an intern grim reaper who's been tasked with performing a few kills to fill the end-of-year quota in Death HQ. For that, you need to cause accidents to eliminate people and collect their souls to obtain permanent status in the company.

The game was created over a 15-week period for a game jam of sorts (CEA-IP-GD02, managed by the Center for Entertainment Arts). Reapers, INC. is a simple game, both in terms of graphics and its gameplay mechanics. In terms of graphics, the game has a cartoony look, which contributes to the fun style and a bit "dark humor". The same is its gameplay: you walk with the WASD keys, jump with the Spacebar and interact with the Left Mouse Button. Here you can kill people in the most ingenious and strange ways possible, from blowing up a place with everyone inside to turning on heavy metal at maximum to scare someone off the roof. Creativity is not lacking there.

It's just a shame that the game is short as it has some interesting potential. Check out the gameplay from Reapers, INC. and, if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.


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