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RECOLLECTION: Explore a Hometown in Search of Clues that will help Save the Souls of Your Loved Ones

ReCollection is a short indie puzzle adventure game that was produced by ToKoMoTo (and collaborators) and published on February 23rd of this year. In the game you were going on a trip with your family, but an accident ends up prematurely taking your life. After that, you wake up in a small town called Hollow Creek, which is apparently a reflection of your hometown. As you walk the streets, you discover that your family still hasn't been able to deal with death. Your goal is to investigate the place and find clues that lead to the release of the souls of your family, ultimately helping to give them eternal rest.

The game itself is quite simple. We have a kind of "walking simulator" here, where you explore a map looking for clues. In graphic aspects, the game is well made, well built, although far from realistic or perfect. The gameplay too, but here we have another feature: there are certain situations that require the use of the ability to separate the physical body and the soul. Called "Soul Mode", you control the soul for a short time, to pick up or trigger things you can't normally do.

The premise is interesting. If the developers could work this game with more care and dedication, we could have an excellent puzzle game, since it has a very large gameplay and narrative potential. Check out ReCollection's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game on the platform. Just click on the respective links below.


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