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REHQ: Clean your New Home from Monsters and Dangers in this Funny Action Game

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

REHQ (or Residential House Qleaning) is an indie action and platform game in the first person produced by Alex with D. and Spottedphyre, and published on January 26 of that year on the "" platform. In the game, you are Wilbur Smithers, a muscular guy who bought a house for a trifle of $60, but discovered that the house turned into a dungeon full of monsters because its former residents were occultists and carried out various experiments. It is up to you, as a new resident, to clean the house of this evil. With Soap. And water. And a nice pair of rubber gloves.

It is interesting to see a game produced on an engine that I haven't seen for a long time, which is the Blender engine, but the game is well done, uses the low-poly look to give it a funnier look and a certain charm to it. Here you need to enter each portal to find the eyes and also chicken eggs (ie easter-eggs).

The eyes are to open the gate that is in front of the room where the game starts, and each eye has a different color that, in a certain order, serves to open a gate in a room at the back. The eggs are used to unlock artwork that can be seen in a dresser next to the room.

So far the game appears to be complete, but according to the developers, there are plans to expand the game in the future. We hope that will happen, as the game has a lot of fun from Wilbur's comments to the exploration. Watch the gameplay by clicking here, or download it from the link below:

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