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REMEMBER TO DISMEMBER: A Strange Game Where You Solve Puzzles by Ripping Out Your Eye and Hand

Remember to Dismember is an indie puzzle game that is being produced by Jacob Welch and four other game developers, and they published, on December 6th of this year, a prototype version. The game doesn't have a defined plot: you control a zombie inside some rooms in an apparent experiment carried out by a mad scientist. Your goal is to find the way out, even if you need to rip your hand and your eye off for that.

Originality was one of the things that caught my attention in Remember to Dismember: you control a zombie in some puzzles that, to solve them, you need to dismember. Your hand allows you to enter small places, while your eye, if positioned in a good spot, allows you to observe things that, being from the zombie's perspective, it would not normally see. In addition, the story is told through notes found in various places, which inform you about that world.

Check out the gameplay of Remember to Dismember and, if you're interested, download the prototype by clicking on the links below.


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