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RESIDENTVANIA: Kill Monsters in a Castle in this Incredible Mix of Castlevania and Resident Evil

Residentvania is an indie action, adventure and platform game produced by OcO and which has a very short version published on October 2nd of this year, on the indie gaming platform The game was built on the perception (of both the author and many gamers) of the latest installment in CAPCOM's survival horror franchise, Resident Evil VIII: Village. According to the perception obtained, this new adventure by Ethan Winters was more like a game from the Castlevania franchise (due to the huge castle, where you spend a part of the time and the famous Lady Dimitrescu, who has similar traits to vampires.). Therefore, the creator of the game decided to merge the first Castlevania game with the Village look. Here you just control Ethan Winters inside Dimitrescu's castle, with the aim of getting out of there, while you encounter certain monsters.

There's not much to talk about here. The game is practically the first stage of Castlevania, but with pixelated visuals inspired by Resident Evil VIII: Village. Everything here, from the characters to the scenarios, was made from scratch by the game dev, and without a doubt it's the highlight of the game here. The look is quite dark, capturing both the Gothic style of Castlevania and the proximity to the Village setting. As for the gameplay, it's very simple, similar to the style present in classic Castlevania games: you just move, and use three buttons, one for jump, one for normal attack and one for special attacks, something similar to the style of Super Castlevania IV, for example.

Being conceived, apparently, as just a project, Residentvania showed that the perceptions of many gamers at the launch of Village were correct: the game does have a new Castlevania feel, given the similar elements. It's a shame that maybe OcO won't keep working on this game, as it has a lot of potential, even though it's inspired. Check out the Residentvania gameplay by clicking on this link here, and download the game, if you are interested, by clicking on the page below:


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