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REVERSARY: A Reverse Boss Battle Action Platformer Where You Play the Role of Adversary

Reversary is a short indie action fighting game that was produced by aplovestudio within 72 hours for this year's Ludum Dare, and was published on the platform on April 5th. Reversary would be a souls-like little game like any other, if it weren't for one small detail: Here you control the boss, a huge warrior carrying a huge sword. Your objective is to defeat the protagonist as many times as possible before he defeats you.

In terms of graphics, Reversary features a very well done pixel art style. As for the gameplay, it's very simple, you just move, and use three buttons: one for sword attack, another for spells (which works after one or two attempts... on the part of the protagonist) and another for jumping. Another interesting aspect is the comic tone of the game, as both the protagonist and the boss exchange jokes all the time about typical souls-like situations, like dying all the time, studying your enemy and leveling up.

Check out the Reversary gameplay on the channel and, if you're interested, play the little game, which is available on the page. Just click on the respective links below.


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