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RHOME: Look for Your Husband and Explore a House Completely Out of Reality in this Horror Game

Rhome is a psychological horror and thriller indie game produced by SMU Guildhall and published on the Steam store. The game was scheduled to be released on February 21st this year, however, in view of the graduation of SMU Guildhall students in May of this year, it was decided that Rhome would be free and had its publication in advance, and can now be downloaded to play. In the game, you control Halley Rhome, who arrives at your home after a long day at work. You look for your husband and find that he is nowhere. To make matters worse, you notice that your house is changing its environment with each cross door. It is up to you to explore a completely chaotic environment, find your husband and find out why your home is in this situation.

The game can also be considered as a kind of interactive fiction since you only walk and interact with objects and doors. The graphics are very beautiful, the dubbing work is very good and the plot is very interesting, being set up during the game period. The puzzles are a little simple, but they are pretty cool.

Check out Rhome's gameplay by clicking on this link here and download the game on your Steam page, at the link below:

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