RISING HELL: Fight your way through hordes of blood-lusting demons and escape hell.

Rising Hell is a rogue like game developed by Imagine Filmfestival where you control a powerful being that needs to escape from hell, but first, you need to defeat hordes of powerful demons in a great vertical scenario. The game is full of randomly generated challenges, with different paths and countless items to help you on your journey.

The game features a high challenge factor, easy gameplay and incredible music, full of metal riffs. Pixelated visuals are good, but sometimes it’s difficult to recognize something on the screen.

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THE WORLD'S BEST MAZE: help people in a strange maze.

The World's Best Maze is a short adventure game where you walk through a small maze and need to help people. The game has a tone of debauchery and humor in the characters and the lines. The highlight

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