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ROGUE TRIGGER: A Shooting/Action Game Where You Must Save the World from an Evil Squad

Rogue Trigger is a shooting and action indie game in an old Contra style, being published on November 28th of this year. Here, you are a soldier sent with a mission to stop an evil organization that creates bioweapons to conquer the world (how cliche is this...)

Well, being short and direct to point: the game apparently was released on total phase. I don't know if this is a complete version or will be updated yet but, if the first option is correct, I must say that game itself is very vague in terms of content: Extremely short, doesn't have a soundtrack, some of the sound effects were LITERALLY taken from Contra first game, from NES and, despite graphics being very well made, the gameplay is too simple and without controller support, besides that is a little complicated enjoy this game when you can finish in less than 4 minutes.

Despite the points cited here, the game certainly presents a potential, good enough to be more reworked. We can only hope to see if they may continue the Rogue Trigger's production or they will be still and let the game as is here. I hope that they may continue producing and improving this game.

Check out the gameplay right here and download, if you're interested, here on the link below:

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