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ROLLER KATZ BF EP. 1: Save the City in This Game Inspired by Sonic Adventure and Mega Man Games

Roller Katz: BF is a third-person indie action adventure game produced by davidamado. The game, it seems, is released in an episodic format, and episode 1 was published alongside a demo version on September 14th of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". Roller Katz: BF takes us to Clean City, a futuristic city dominated by Sergeant Rocco and his robot army. To combat this threat, Diana Katz, a robotic prodigy, created Kiara, a robot with a huge range of abilities that involve jumping, skating, rolling, among others. Diana and Kiara's mission is to overthrow Rocco's power and restore peace and security to the city.

It seems that Roller Katz: BF could, just for the synopsis above, be a mix of Mega Man with Sonic Adventure and extreme games from the 90s. And there's no doubt: the game encompasses all of this in its gameplay and camera. But despite this, the game ends up picking up some flaws from our dear hedgehog's Adventure saga. The movement is very slippery, which means that you cannot easily turn and even hit walls or bombs frequently. This is something that could be improved in future updates. Another point I could add here, in my opinion, would be the addition of more routes or enemies, or even objects, since the scene is pretty empty most of the time. As for the graphical aspects, the game is quite fair in that: the look is beautiful and the character is interesting.

Despite that, Roller Katz: BF is an interesting little game, with strong inspirations from good games of the time and with huge possibilities ahead, but that we'll only be able to see in fact in the next episodes. Oh, it's worth remembering that the game received nominations at the Playstation Talents Awards 2020 in the categories of Best Art, Most Innovative Game, Playstation Compromise and Best Game of the Year.

Check out the gameplay of the first Roller Katz: BF episode demo by clicking this link here. If you are interested, you can try it out by downloading the demo or buying the first episode by clicking on the links below:


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