RONALD: Find all the happy meals spread out before Ronald finds you.

Ronald is a horror game in first person developed by Something Something Games where you need to find 8 happy meals spread in a strange place apparently abandoned, however, Ronald, the clown, is watching you. Avoid a date before he finds you.

The graphics are reasonable and generic, the sound plays its part in creating a horror environment focused on sound effects and the controls follow the pattern of this type of game, with motion and interaction commands. The challenge is the high point, with a good level getting even more challenging as you find the items.

Check out the gameplay

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SUPER 8 MARIO: a demake of the original Super Mario 64

Super 8 Mario is a platform game developed by AcroPR and a demake of the original Super Mario 64 where you explore one of the worlds of the plumber's 2d game. The game has as a highlight the care for

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