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Ronister Adventure: a platform game where you need to help your friends facing a big bat

Ronister Adventure is a colorful platform game developed by Ronik Games Group where you control Ronister on a journey that seeks the end in a great villain that disrupts the lives of his friends on different maps full of challenges and enemies.

The style of the game is similar to Mario games where you need to reach platforms and defeat enemies by jumping on top of their heads, while collecting the maximum amount of fruits that, according to the game, help to heal the village leaders.

The graphics are simple, but have charisma. The colors are vibrant and make the scenery something very pleasing to the eye. The sprites follow the same style, with few details, but a lot of charisma. However, there is a difference in sprites from enemies, bosses and Ronister where you can see the difference in quality when the game's resolution increases.

The songs are in the chiptune style and have good compositions. Some are even well designed with complex parts and serve to enrich the experience in the game, leaving you more frantic when you need it and calmer at other times.

The gameplay is good. It has simple commands, but there are bugs that can get in the way. At various times the collision of the sprites did not work properly, causing Ronister to lose a life when touching an enemy even using a shield. At other times the shield itself was unavailable, even touching it.

The challenge exists. The first stages of the game are very introductory making you understand how the game works and what the commands are for. However, in the penultimate world until the end of the game the difficulty is high, demanding more skill and mastery from the player.

The replay factor is limited to you challenging yourself. There are no secret stages, secret items, nothing to increase the life of the game after finishing it.

Ronister Adventure is a very colorful casual platform game, with good music and easy-to-learn gameplay. However, it has bugs that can hinder the experience but that, with some minor corrections, will make the game polished. Still worth the try and buy.

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