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RONIU'S TALE: utilize you magic to defeat mystical bosses in this Solomon’s Key inspired game

Roniu's Tale is a homebrew puzzle game for the Famicom / NES developed by Kunjee Studios e published by Mega Cat Studios where you play as Roniu, a wizard who, attracted by a glow behind a wall, falls into a mystical dungeon and, guided by a ghost, decides to use his powers to overcome the challenges of this new world in search of a way out.

The game is inspired by puzzle games like Solomon's Key and Solstice and has, in its full version, more than 40 levels full of challenging puzzles with different enemies and bosses in different scenarios.

The game has good graphics, but the color palette full of greenish colors can scare those who expect more vivid colors in games of this genre. But, even with a dubious color palette, the challenge is good, the boss fights are interesting and all this can be experienced in the demo build.

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