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ROOOM (ALL ENDINGS): Arrange the Rooms to Find a Way to Escape in This Fun Puzzle Game

ROOOM is a very short indie 2D puzzle game that was produced by Neko Donut, and published on May 15th of this year, being available on unityroom, a Japanese page dedicated to indie games. The game is a sequel to ROOM and features a puzzle in the best "escape room" style, where you investigate various columns of rooms, migrating from one room to another, looking for items that can be functional in other rooms.

The game was produced within a week for a game jam apparently hosted by Unity, themed "Align". ROOOM is very simple and straightforward and can be completed in up to 10 minutes. As mentioned above, gameplay is the highlight here, where you go from room to room in search of items to complete the task, so that one room influences the other. The graphic is pretty cute, with everything seemingly handmade, in a cute Japanese style of being.

The game features multiple endings depending on how you play. You can check out the ROOOM gameplay on our channel. If you're interested, you can play ROOOM game on the unityroom page. The respective links are available below.


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