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ROT: Discover the Truth About His Car Accident in this Silent Hill-Inspired Horror Game

ROT (also known as ROT: Purgatory Hill) is a short indie psychological horror simulation adventure game that was produced by RG Crew and published on the platform. In ROT, you wake up in your car, in the middle of a forest, in what appears to have been an accident. You hear a child cry, and you find it, but something strange happens and you wake up again inside your car, in the middle of a forest, in what seems to have been an accident. Your objective is to try to remember, little by little, the events that triggered such an accident, but be careful, because you are not alone.

According to the developers, ROT was created with two works as inspiration: one is the famous Silent Hill survival horror franchise (and here this inspiration is more evident, with the famous siren that indicates the transition between two dimensions). The other is a short film of the same name, produced by Corridor Digital which, by the way, is also inspired by Silent Hill. In fact, the game is quite similar to the short film, with the difference that the latter is focused on an urban environment, unlike the game. What we have here in the game is a walking simulator, that is, you walk from one place to another while the story unfolds. As for the graphics, this is perhaps the biggest point of the game: ROT: Purgatory HIll presents the most beautiful and realistic visuals ever seen in an indie game produced on The same can't be said for the character models, which don't quite match the look of the environment.

Check out the gameplay of ROT: Purgatory Hill, which is available on our channel. If interested, download the game ROT: Purgatory Hill from the page. The respective links are below.

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