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ROTTENWOOD LAKE: A Relaxing Lake Fishing Becomes a Nightmare in This Horror Game

Rottenwood Lake is a short indie first-person horror game produced by selewi and collaborators (Romain Rope, skcotterell, Tozy, and inflatableplatypus) and which was published on April 13th, 2020. In Rottenwood Lake, you are a fisherman going to the namesake place to enjoy a long vacation. You go out into the middle of the lake to catch some fish and enjoy the day, but this relaxing program turns into a nightmare as you find an old chapel and find out about the lake's history.

The game was produced for a game jam hosted by the Haunted PS1 community, the 2020 Wretched Weekend. The graphics are excellent, which appeals a lot to the nostalgic style of PSX games. Gameplay is typical of first-person indie horror games: you use the WASD keys to move the boat, E to interact and the Mouse for both camera and fishing hook. The challenge here has a considerable level, as you have to traverse the entire map behind three skulls, then return to the chapel. For this, you must also be guided by sound. Also, you need to run away from a monster (or demon) that keeps chasing you around the lake several times.

Check out Rottenwood Lake gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the game, just visit the page below.

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