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RUNO: With your Nokia 3310, go back and discover the supernatural mysteries of the local culture.

Runo is a first-person adventure game developed by runogame where you visit your grandfather's hut after his death and discover the supernatural mysteries of the place. The game is based on the Finnish myths and culture.

Runo's graphics are beautiful and full of inspiration. The scenery of the hut on the edge of a river with all its peculiarities really creates a feeling of being inside a rural and familiar place, reinforced by the dialogue between father and son through a Nokia 3310 cell phone.

The audio is very well produced with emphasis on the sound effects and the music that plays at the end. However, the challenge of the game is summarized in some puzzles that do not have so much difficulty, being more of a contemplative experience. Still, Runo is a game that deserves your attention and contemplation.

P.S.: We still haven't figured out why a nokia 3310 has a camera in the game.

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