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SAIL-BY SALUTE: An Incredible Survival Horror Inspired By BIOSHOCK

Sail-By Salute is an indie survival horror game developed by BEDTIME STORIES where you play as someone who wakes up in a sunken city, wounded, looking for information on how he got there. However, a giant in a scuba suit is awake and you'll need to find a way out and survive in this Bioshock-inspired game.

The game has a gameplay of approximately 20 minutes where you explore the submerged city using your hammer and your ice bow that serves to freeze and break objects but cannot be used on anything that moves, while solving puzzles that serve to open new ones. passages until you find a way out of the place.

The big monster is inspired by the Big Daddy from Bioshock 1 and has a very sensitive detection radar, making it a high challenge in gameplay when he sees you, following and looking for you in every room of the hotel and making your exit from the place difficult already that the doors take a few seconds to open.

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