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SALVATION: Investigate Rumors about a Satanic Cult in a Forest in this Horror Game

Salvation is a first-person indie horror game produced by Matthew Ager and published on January 31 of that year, and updated on February 02, on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you are Tom, an investigative cameraman who was finishing his project: a documentary about satanic cults that, according to rumors, were being made in the Ashley National Forest. The only thing he needed to do was to record his last scenes at the Salvation Mansion, which are said to be the cult's property. However, when he gets there, he realizes that something is strange in the environment and that he is probably not alone there...

Being as short and straightforward as the game itself is: The gameplay is simple and in the same pattern as many indie horror games in the first person. There is no other skill here, you just walk around the house and use the camera to light your way through a maze, exploring the place looking at strange pictures when they appear. The graphics are very well made and are well suited, within the game's proposal, to have a more frightening environment, with low lighting, etc.

Check out the gameplay of the game by clicking here, or if you prefer, download the game and feel the experience by clicking on the link below:

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