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SANCTUARIUM ONLINE: Explore the Ruins of an Ancient World in a Dead Nintendo DS MMO Game

Sanctuarium Online is a short indie game being produced by xena-spectrale and which currently has a prototype available on the platform. The prototype was published on February 21st of this year. Sanctuarium Online is a homonymous MMO published in 2005 for the Nintendo DS, but the game had very few sales and soon fell into oblivion. However you got a special edition, with one last server still working. It's up to you to play it and even shut it down.

The game was produced in about 15 days for a gamejam focused on dying MMOs (Dying MMO Jam). But what draws the most attention is the fact that xena-spectrale has made a game very, very visually similar to the Nintendo DS games, even more emulating the two-screen system competently. It's so well done that it really ends up fooling the player into thinking it's a ROM emulator.

The gameplay is very simple and at the same time impressive: you will always use the two screens to proceed until the end of the game: one in third person and the other in first person, this is mainly useful for searching closed places. You have a huge area to explore, some parts of which require special abilities (which can only be obtained by the deities you encounter) useful to help you proceed.

I don't know if it will expand the game world even more or if it will only focus on more aesthetic or mechanical aspects, but it's worth trying the game and waiting for the next updates. Check out the Sanctuarium Online gameplay and, if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the respective links below.


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