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SCARLET IS... : You Can't Discern What's in Your Head and What's Not in this Horror Game

Scarlet is the Night in Which We Break is an indie psychological horror game produced by Jibrill Murphy and published on May 20th this year, being updated on May 30th, on the indie gaming platform "". The game doesn't have a definite plot, but as far as we can understand, you control a character with no name and no other salient features. You wake up in your house and start doing your routine things, however, there is something strange, every time you do something, you start to feel in another place (another dimension maybe?), an oppressive environment, where you can barely breathe. It's up to you to understand what exactly this is and discover the truth. Is it really another dimension? Or is it something in your own head?

Well, the game has a very simple look, but with a very retro-oriented feature, reminding some PSX games. Another simple aspect is in its gameplay, where you just move around the scene and interact with the mouse. Its completion time is short and can only take a few minutes. In my opinion the game has its strength in the psychological aspect of the thing, but unfortunately it's hard to abstract some of that. By the way, this is a negative point here: the game could have a slightly more elaborate plot, or some more features or interactions that could help answer the questions surrounding why the sky turns red in each situation or present a little more of different interactions, such as apparitions or more impactful changes in the place.

Despite having an excess of simplicity, "Scarlet is The Night..." is a psychological horror that could have a greater degree of development; it has good potential for much more. Check out the gameplay of the game on this link here and enjoy downloading it from the page below:

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