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SCP: SECRET FILES: A survival horror game about the SCP Foundation and one of its bizarre creatures.

SCP: Secret Files is a survival horror game developed by GameZoo Studio and tells various paranormal situations from the SCP foundation - an organization tasked with containing dangerous anomalies. You play as an assistant researcher to Dr. Raymand Hamm and participates in a grueling induction program that will make you question everything you know and reality.

The game has somewhat generic visuals, but an interesting setting, full of mystery and well-placed jump scares. The game's puzzles are good and you'll have to solve some - quite obvious and others not so much - during your memories before an as-yet-unknown paranormal event occurred after obtaining an artifact called the Black Box.

The game has a long duration for a demo build, a lot of challenges and several creative moments of horror, in addition to the presentation of a strange creature that will chase you and always create the peak moments of the game, in addition to helping to understand what happens with the game. place and with the protagonist.

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