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SEARCH PARTY: Investigate an Abandoned House and Escape from a Killer in this Horror Game

Search Party is an indie survival horror game produced by games by lum and with a demo version published on February 19th this year, on your Steam page. In this game, you control Daniel, an 8-year-old boy who usually takes a shortcut home every day after school. On a beautiful day, he finds a little girl playing in the park and accompanies her in the games. In one, he follows her toward an abandoned house, a decision that perhaps he shouldn't have made.

The game acts as a prologue to the full version (Director's Cut, as it is being called). The look is pixelated and has direct inspiration from SNES games but in an improved way. The gameplay is an interesting point here: it has influences from two games known to the public, the resource management style based on the first Resident Evil and the cat/mouse chase from the Clock Tower.

The Director's Cut version is scheduled to be released on March 4th this year. Check out the gameplay of the prologue by clicking this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the demo or even buy the full game as soon as it comes out by clicking on the Steam page below. Take the opportunity to put the game on your wishlist until then:

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