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SECURITY BOOTH: A PSX Horror Game where You Allow or Expel Authorized Personnel from a Facility

Security Booth is an indie horror game produced by 3dKyle (Kyle Horwood) and published on the indie gaming platform "" on July 17th of that year. The game takes place in 1996, and you play a security guard who works for a company called Nova Nexus. Your primary role here is to oversee each person who appears in front of you, making sure that only authorized personnel can enter the facility.

The game looks very similar to many PSX games with a VHS filter, bringing that aesthetic of nostalgia and antiquity. In terms of gameplay, you only need to move and interact with objects present both in the cabin and outside it, more precisely in the posts that appear during the game and increasing the understanding of the events that happen in the place. The game features two endings, which are obtained depending on what you do and can be completed in around 10 minutes.

Perhaps, the only downside is that it's a short game. It would be interesting if there was a deepening and expansion of the site, showing even the interior of the facility, as well as what happens there. You can check out Security Booth gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the game from the page below:

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