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SHADOWBRINGER: Use Your Dark Powers to Survive and Escape a Lab in this Action Game

ShadowBringer is an indie action game that was produced by Marshmallow Hammer and will be published on May 6th of this year on the Steam platform, in addition to being distributed by DigiPen Institute of Technology. In ShadowBringer, you control a dark monster created in a laboratory, in a retro-futuristic era. Without any trace of memories about your life and past, you can only rely on a voice that echoes in your mind. Your objective is to find out the truth about you and the lab and try to escape alive.

According to DigiPen, this game was created as a student project for educational purposes, so the game will be distributed for free when it is released. In visual aspects, the game has very well-produced graphics, which, although not realistic, are not cartoonish either. We can say that it is at an acceptable level of 3D modeling and lighting. In terms of gameplay, ShadowBringer focuses on stealth. As a shadow creature, the shadow is your useful ally here, as through it you can hide and attack without betraying your existence to others. In addition, you have different abilities to attack your opponents in the way you see fit.

According to the game's creators, ShadowBringer will only have three levels (The Containment Chamber, The Lab and The Server Room). While launch day isn't here yet, you can check out ShadowBringer's demo gameplay on our channel. If you are interested in playing, you can access the game's page on the Steam platform. The respective links are below.


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