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SHADY KNIGHT: Climb Towers and Kill Enemies with a Variety of Skills in this Action Game

Shady Knight is an indie action game in the first person produced by Alexey 'cptnsigh' and with a demo version published on Steam on February 1st of that year. The game itself does not have a defined storyline until the time this demo was published. You only control a knight who goes up the towers and faces his opponents, using his skills.

The game is a great evolution of the prototype of the same name, produced in 2018. Shady Knight may seem simple, but it is not. Simple gameplay is compensated by the variety of attacks, as you can use everything in front of you as weapons, from barrels to even kicking your opponents out of the tower. In addition, you can count on a sword and a bow, obtained after defeating an enemy. Attacks vary depending on how you move (attacks gain more strength if used during a jump, for example).

The original prototype version, published in 2018.

Another aspect of the gameplay is how you climb the platforms: you can climb up blocks, holding chains, using zip lines, or even jumping over the heads of enemies. Everything is valid to climb the platforms. The graphics are simple and cartoonish, but it fits within the game's proposal: it doesn't want to be a game with realistic graphics and such, it just has the premise of being fun, and it manages to do it very well.

Shady Knight does not yet have an expected release date. You just have to wait and check the gameplay on this link here or play the demo by clicking on the link below. Take a chance and click on the same link to put this game on Steam's Wishlist, if you are interested:

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