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SHATTERED REALMS: Defeat your Enemies and Get Money in this Mix of Beat'em up an Fighting Game

Shattered Realms is a third person indie action fighting and beat'em up game being produced by kopskop. A demo of the game was published on October 24th, 2017 and updated on December 21st, 2020, on the indie gaming platform There is no set plot in Shattered Realms: in this demo, you control a warrior named Lynx and the only objective here is to take down anyone who comes your way.

As this is a game in the "prototype" phase, we can only check the basics here: You control one of three characters (one is not yet produced, and the other is just a controllable sketch) and make combos after combos on your enemies through special commands, in the same way as an fighting game like Street Fighter or King of Fighters for example. The visual part is excellent, with pixelated graphics and very well animated. The soundtrack is a show on its own, with a lot of heavy metal to liven up the game. For each defeated enemy, you earn money (which can also be earned by breaking various boxes that appear in the scenario). Apparently, this money will go to buy new color palettes for each character, besides, of course, the characters, but then we won't know until we have another demo from the studio.

Check out the gameplay of Shattered Realms and if you are interested, download the demo by clicking on the links below.



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